Game Project 2022 games are available!

On our Game Project course, students have been working hard and creating new games. All of the games are now available for anyone to play!

During the course, the students familiarized themselves with game creation processes through lectures and workshops, and most importantly, by creating games.

During the spring, the students engaged in three game projects. The first game was a solo project, where each student created a platformer game using Godot. The second game was created in small groups, where the team could choose their tool from Twine, Godot and Unity. The third game was a board game, created in the same groups.

We celebrated the finished games in a Play Party session in Oasis with mead and donuts. Now anyone can now check and play the games – the end results are diverse, creative and impressive!


Check all the games created during the Game Project 2022 course!

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