Student Work

Our students are involved in many activities, including writing reviews and research popularizations the PlayLab! online magazine, managing the Oasis space, and creating games on the Game Project.

On Game Project course, the students create small games and participate in lectures both from game industry and academic perspectives. See some of the games done on the course from here.

OASIS is the combined game research lab library, game & play research lab and an informal learning space for TRIM, ITC Faculty, and the entire, wider Tampere academic community. Based on playful design principles, OASIS is an open social space that features games, books, playful works of art, as well as various events and research interventions and other activities.

PlayLab! is an open access, online magazine which features articles that have undergone a peer-review process. The magazine is run by Game Research Lab students and staff. Discussing games and play in their various forms, PlayLab! features both game reviews, as well as academic essays and experimental writings of different kinds.