Game Project 2020 games are now available

This year’s Game Project course (MTAA05a) has ended with 18 new games. The students of the course have been working hard and creating games for the whole Spring term. All of the games are now available for anyone to play.

During the course, the students familiarized themselves with game creation processes through lectures, workshops, game company visits, and most importantly, by creating altogether three games in small groups.

The first game was a board game, created in random groups. Each group was given a specific emotion as the theme for the game (empathy, despair, fear, gratitude, shame, sorrow), and restrictions of the size of the game, length of the game session and length of the game rules.

For the next two digital games, the students were free to select the team members themselves (taking into account the required skills). The team could then choose two engines from Twine, Godot and Unity to create the next two games with. The second game’s concept was chosen from each team’s three pitches by the rest of the class. The third game needed to connect to the second game somehow, for instance by being a sequel or a similar concept but in a different genre.

Usually we celebrate the finished games in a Play Party session in Oasis, but this year the coronavirus situation made it impossible. However, anyone can now check and play the games – the end results are diverse, creative and impressive!

Check all the games created during the Game Project 2020 course!

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