Game Project 2018 games available

The students of ITIA9 Game Project course have been creating games for the whole Spring term. All of the games are now also available for anyone to download and play.

During the course, the students familiarized themselves with game creation processes through lectures, workshops, game company visits, and, most importantly, creating games themselves. Each of the students created 3 games in small groups.

The first game was a board game, created in random groups in two weeks. Each group was given a specific emotion as the theme for the game (gratitude, love, sorrow, embarrassment, despair, and serenity), and restrictions of the size of the game, length of the game session and length of the game rules.

The second game was a platformer created in one month with Defold, also in random groups, but randomization was guided by students’ self-reported skill areas.

The third game was a game created with Unity in two months time. For this project, the students were free to select their own groups as long as each group included at least one member with previous experience in programming. The teams were also free to create ideas for the games, but were required to pitch three of the ideas to the class, who vote which one the team would end up creating.

We celebrated the finished games in Play Party session, where the games were publicly playable in Oasis. The end results were impressive and interesting, and also represent a wide variety of different types of games, for instance these:

Tampere 3000, We Have a Problem is a first person space survival adventure game. The player is stranded in a spacecraft and must fix everything to be able to reach home. The humorous nature of the games is apparent in the space whales and the sarcastic AI who is accompanying the players.

Tampere 3000
Tampere 3000, We Have a Problem

Banshee takes the tower defense genre and flips it around. The player takes the role of Banshee, who sends the undead army and other creatures to destroy human defenses and trying to survive to the end, reinstating the evil Banshee on her throne.


In Operation Briefcase, a co-op board game, the players try to reach the border and get an important briefcase to safety. With guards on their heels, the lives of the players are expendable, the briefcase is not.

Operation Briefcase
Operation Briefcase

Check all the games created during the ITIA9 Game Project 2018 course!

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