Game Project 2017 games available for download!

Our students have been working hard with their game projects the whole Spring semester of 2017 (ITIA9 Game Project). For the first time we provide the results of the course, in the spirit of game jams, as free downloadables to anyone interested to test them out.

The course was divided into three consecutive development periods: first game was created in two weeks, second in one month and the last one took two months to create. Every student of the group of almost 50 students was involved in making of three games: a board game, a platformer made with Defold and a Unity game.

The main goal of the course was to introduce our game expert students to the development process through their personal experience contributing to the understanding of games as created. We examined notions of iteration, pitching, design constraint, playtesting, design value, team work and prototyping among others. There were few classes of Unity provided, but mostly these games were created with the skill sets that the students already had.

In two first projects, the students were randomly assigned a team and given a specific design constraint to work with. The board game projects were given a specific emotion to work with (anxiety, despair, disgust, embarassment, gratitude, love, serenity, shame and sorrow) and handful of constraints for the format (size of the board and number of the pages for the printable pdf for instance). The second project was constrained by a genre (platformer) and engine – the idea was picked from a brainstorming session. The last project was more free form: students picked their team and pitched three ideas for the development. All games used Unity engine and the pitched ideas were selected by their peer students. We ended up with 28 playable games.

The period was quite intense, and we celebrated the course at the end of the period with a Play Party at OASIS on the 19th of May. The Play Party visitors and students themselves voted for their favorite games. The top three is: Anima Mundi (Unity), Hauntedd (Defold) and I Should Buy a Boat (Unity).

Anima Mundi
I Should Buy a Boat

All games are available for download at

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