Research Projects

Based on earlier games research in the 1990s, the first games research projects in the earlier Hypermedia Laboratory started in 2000, and the Game Research Lab was founded in 2002. Today, Game Research Lab is located at the Tampere Research Center for Information and Media (TRIM), and is part of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences.

The current portfolio of Game Research Lab’s research projects has particular focus on comprehensive studies of game and play cultures, player communities, game production, and also on emerging phenomena such as esports. Gamelab is actively combining various methodologies and conducting highly interdisciplinary research while also promoting Game Studies as an established, dedicated field of scholarship focused on games and play experiences. Active in national and international collaborations, the Gamelab research group has organised national and international game studies conferences and seminars, and played important role in the establishment of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) to facilitate and coordinate the international community of academics working in Game Studies.

Current and past research projects: