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Tentative Programme

The seminar programme is divided into four loosely themed sessions. Notice that changes to the programme are still possible. Please check this page for updates.

The venue for all the presentations (excluding Prof. Jenkins's lecture) will be lecture hall Pinni A1081. See maps for instructions.

Tuesday 11th January, 2005


Registration and coffee


Opening words, Research Director Frans Mäyrä


Session 1: "Modding Communities"

  • David B. Nieborg: Am I Mod or Not? - An analysis of First Person Shooter modification culture.
  • Olli Sotamaa: Modders as Game Fans and Beyond: Case OFP
  • Tero Laukkanen: Tools of the Trade: Exploring modding tools and community "toolsmiths"




Session 2: "Design and Industry Perspective"

  • Fernando Herrera, Marko Turpeinen: Games and Community-Based Innovation
  • Julian Kücklich: Precarious Playbour: Modders and the Digital Games Industry


Professor Henry Jenkins: "War Between Effects and Meaning" (Games and Storytelling lecture series)


Evening reception at Hypermedia Laboratory


Wednesday 12th January, 2005


Session 3: "In-game Creativity"

  • Gillian Andrews: Flat Feet and Freestyle: A Preliminary Investigation into the Creative Environment of the Video Game Dance Dance Revolution
  • Douglas Thomas: Before the Jump to Lightspeed: Negotiating Permanence and Change in Star Wars Galaxies
  • Antti Salovaara, Mikael Johnson, Kalle Toiskallio, Sauli Tiitta, Marko Turpeinen: Nurturers: A creative player segment and their motivations in multi-player games




Session 4: "Expression"

  • Bernd Hartmann: Fan Games Killed The Video Star?
  • Satu Heliö: Game Masters as Modders - Creative Practises in Role-Playing Games
  • David Surman: Style, Consistency and Plausibility in the Fable Gameworld


Closing Discussion

Hypermedia Laboratory
Kanslerinrinne 1, FIN-33014 University of Tampere,