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Practical information

Seminar venue

The seminar will be held at lecture hall Pinni A 1081. See the maps for instructions.

Getting to Tampere

Tampere is 180 kilometres northwest from Helsinki. It is easy and fast to get to Tampere by air, by bus or by train. There are several daily flights to Finland from the major cities in Europe. There are daily flights from Stockholm and Copenhagen to Tampere. There are also daily flights between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) and Tampere-Pirkkala Airport (TMP), the flight time being 30 minutes. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport there is a frequent and comfortable bus connection to the center of Tampere.

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is located about 15 kilometres from the centre of Tampere. From Tampere-Pirkkala airport the most convenient way to travel to the center and to the hotels, is by taxi. The taxi fare is about 25 . There is also a bus connection.


There is a wide variety of accommodation available in Tampere, ranging from modern first-class hotels to smaller traditional hotels and dormitories. Below are some suggestions for hotels within walking distance from the University.

Internet access

During the seminar a computer classroom with internet connections will be available to participants for mail reading and web browsing. See maps for directions.

Hypermedia Laboratory
Kanslerinrinne 1, FIN-33014 University of Tampere,