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Creative Gamers - Exploring Participatory Culture in Gaming, January 11-12, 2005

Participant registration

To attend the seminar as a non-presenting participant, contact by January 9th.

Because the seminar venue has limited capacity, non-presenting participants will be accepted in the order of registration.

University of Tampere Hypermedia Laboratory's Game Research Lab organizes a seminar on Creative Gamers, examining the various innovative practices among gaming cultures.

Although it is widely agreed that the creative involvement of the player is an integral part of any game, the forms and contexts of gamer innovation still remain under-researched. Gamers innovate new in-game manoeuvres, social practices and patterns of interaction. Furthermore, such player-created productions as game modifications ('mods'), machinima movies, and game fan sites have grown in popularity and significance. This development can be interpreted to reflect the larger transformations in the user-producer relations and the landscape of media production in general.

The two-day event consists of themed sessions that aim to introduce current research projects and discuss the potentials and limitations of gamer creativity. The seminar will be chaired by Research Director Frans Mäyrä (Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere). Paper commentators include Professor Henry Jenkins (Comparative Media Studies, MIT), and Professor Mikko Lehtonen (Media Culture, University of Tampere).

Hypermedia Laboratory
Kanslerinrinne 1, FIN-33014 University of Tampere,