Janne Paavilainen

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Janne Paavilainen

Janne Paavilainen started games research in University of Jyväskylä in 2003 by evaluating the usability of Nokia N-Gage gaming phone. Janne joined the ranks of Gamelab as a project manager in 2006 and since then he has done research on mobile, casual, and social games. More recently Janne has been focusing on free-to-play games , hybrid social play, and Pokémon GO player experiences. Currently Janne is the main scientific coordinator in the Center of Excellence in Game Culture Studies (CoE GameCult) and is finishing his doctoral thesis on free-to-play games in social network services. Janne is interested in game usability, playability, player experiences, and in game design & evaluation heuristics.

Keywords: Game usability, playability, player experience, design, evaluation, heuristics, mobile games, social games, free-to-play

Email: janne.paavilainen [at] uta.fi

Twitter: @Rojola