Ziggy’s Space Oddity

Ziggy’s Space Oddity is a light-hearted platformer about an astronaut kitty, Ziggy, trying to get reunited with their lost astronaut cat siblings. Join this little space potato on an adventure filled with strange alien energy, comets and felines!


Creator, graphics and backgrounds: Aino Hynönen

Used assets:

Tileset By Kenney (www.kenney.nl)

Floating Through Time (Saw Mix) – StellarArtWars
Sad End Game (Andy’s Dandy Mix) – Alex Wainwright
Miles Away But Not Alone – Nigid

Sound effects from Freesound:
escobarrb26 – Little Cat Meow
Trngle – Cat Meow
Magon2 – Cat Meow
SkyMary – Cat purring and meow
Konstati – Lucky Meowing
Freemaster2 – Meow7.wav
Justinvoke – Success Jingle
Szegvari – Space Bar Ambient
LloydEvans09 – Jump2.wav
pumodi – Menu Select
Nenadsimic – Menu Selection Click
Leszek-Szary – Success 1

My first game ever! Functions with coded ductape and prayers.

Special thanks to my wonderful brother who playtested the game during development and cheered me on as I made a dumb game about astronaut cats.
And the specialest of thanks to our cat who inspired the whole thing.

This game was created as part of the Game Project 2022 course at Tampere University, Finland.