Symbol Scrutiny

Symbol Scrutiny is a social deduction game, where adventurers try to find a safe route out of a labyrinth while one traitor tries to lead the group to a goblin, by choosing cards with specific symbols.


Symbol Scrutiny by Hanna Suhonen, Clara Reichert, Mahdi Nikfallah, Pietari Majuri and Emmy Venho.

The graphics and the visual design of the game were created using Canva. The assets used are listed below.

For symbol cards

Keyhole Icon by Marco Livolsi ( Sun Icon by Canva ( Illustration of Flame by OpenClipart-Vectors ( White Arrow Right Element by sketchify ( Power Ray Gaming Block and Flat Icon by iconsy ( hourglass by Roundicons Pro ( Flask Icon by olli.petrova ( Flask Icon by olli.petrova ( White Three Stripe by sketchify ( Favorite by Google Design Icons ( Star by Iconika Pro ( Reverse Button Icon by Mirazz Creations ( Solid Isosceles Triangle by Canva Layouts ( Unchecked Checkbox by Icons8 ( Grade by Google Design Icons ( Minimal Christmas Candy Spiral by Sparklestroke Global ( Key Vpn by Google Design Icons ( Diamond Crystal Gemstone by mrrashad ( Eyes Icon by Canva Layouts ( Secure Lock by Google Design Icons ( Arrow Right by Google Design Icons ( White Cloud Icon by Ramdlon ( Circle by Canva Layouts ( Icosahedron Shaped Polyhedron by Iconsolid ( Geometric Blackhole Shape by Royyan Wijaya ( Bug Icon by zachiconsmind ( Umbrella Icon by zachiconsmind ( White flower vector by Canva Layouts ( Flashlight Icon, Outline Style by ivandesign ( Minimalist Lined Mystic Snake by sketchify ( Spider Insect Icon by ivandesign ( Earth Science Sedimentary Rock Flint Geometrical Lineart by Sketchify Education ( Flatline Frame by sketchify ( Monoline Art Deco Corner Border by mysticminimals (

For role cards

Monoline Text Divider by mysticminimals ( Rustic Horoscope Eye by sketchify ( Camera photography lineart loco icon vector template abstract by Project3 ( Portable Binoculars Icon by Mello ( Boots Icon by VectorIcons ( Compass by Canva Layouts ( Bag Gradient Icon by amethyststudio (