Like everyone knows, seasons change. Winter puts summer to sleep and summer in turn, chases winter away to begin everything anew. Thus has it been for eons.
Once again the time has come. From great light emerges a small sunbeam, a messenger from the heavens to down below to usher in another coming of warmth and sun. Down below, earth should already be thawing from ice and plants should be springing from under the snow.
This time, however, something is different.
Frost still reigns and cold winds blow. Winter is not receding, as it always has before.
To restore order, little sunbeam must now bring forth a new spring and find out why the winter has not released it’s icy grip!

Sunbeam is a classic platformer game with storybook like aesthetics and narrative focus.


This game was created by GenĂ­s, Lauri, Tapio, Aleksanteri and Akseli.