Iggy Starbust is a cute space creature that lives with his wife Lizzy Starbust.
He’s been having fun, -maybe a bit too much, at the Space Bar and he might have taken a drink or two.
Iggy has crash-landed on an asteroid and can’t remember a thing. Some pieces of his space ship are missing and has to be retrieved from another asteroid.
In his ship he finds his phone, where’s a message from his wife including a todo-list…

Starbust is a platform jumper puzzle game in which Iggy Starbust, the player, has to solve the problems in the space of a broken space ship and perform the tasks Lizzy has ordered and hit home in time or otherwise sleep the next week alone in the shed in the backyard.


Story and levels designed by all team members together
Character and most other objects made by Mikael Latva
Fish and flower art and detailed storyline by Sini Juutilainen
Background images by Ville KIvioja and Janne Kallunki
Defold development, music and sounds by Janne Kallunki