Revenge of the Home Appliances

In the 2D platformer Revenge of the Home Appliances you, the player, are tasked with taking down bloodthirsty home appliances that have risen against their previous masters.
Charge into their stronghold and avoid defeat at the hands of haywire fridges and microwaves in your valiant search for the cause of this calamity.


Game created and developed by Appliances Inc:

Matti Kujala – Programming
Valerii Kucheba – Graphics
Ville Helppolainen – Audio & Level design
Benjamin Puha – Narrative design & Producing

This game uses assets from:
“Design collection of detailed colorful front and interior doors” (modified) by Macrovector

“A set of lamps on white background” by Little Monster 2070 (modified)

“A set of lamps” (modified) by Danyliuk Konstantine

“Nobody school corridor interior cartoon vector image” by MicroOne (Locker taken and modified)

“Hanging from ceiling lamps with wire flat vector image” by robuart (2 Items taken and modified)

“Dishwasher machine kitchen icons set” by Anatolir (Opened dishwasher taken and modified)

“Cook card. Vector illustration” by kearia

“colorful painting with bottle of wine, illustration” by Tithi Luadthong

“Modern art gallery semi flat vector illustration” by bsd

“Interior of the living room.” By Malinovskaya Yulia

“Modern kitchen flat color vector illustration.” By NTL studio

“cartoon vector illustration water pipe wall with separated layers” by toonsteb (modified)

“Flat kitchen Vector Illustration” by momentbloom (modified)

“Water gun” by Dribbble (modified)

“Washing machine full of dollars banknotes” by Absent (modified)

“Shelving with office equipment and computer equipment Storeroom” by irynaalex

“Set from forklift, reach truck and hydraulic trolley” by Igor Zhukov (modified)

“Empty industrial room vector.” By Javvani (modified)

“Background grid” by joshshshsh

“Repetitive city background” by Alucard

“Warehouse logistic center flat vector illustration concept” by Topconcept (modified)

“Cartoon white brick wall texture vector illustration” by Julia Dolzenko

“Brick wall vector illustration made as background” by Pozezan

“Coffee Machine Epresso Isolated On White” by freepik

“Kitchen interior flat illustration. Vector” by mantrey.rain (modified)

“Free sprite with cute boy character.” by pzUH