Revenge of the Home Appliances 2

Did you enjoy the first confrontation between humanity and home appliances? It is time to take to the streets of the city and fight for our world!
The streets are crowded with malicious appliances of various kinds and they are ready to destroy anyone in their path.

Choose your tactics and try to outwit these dangerous metal machines. But be aware, the machines might not be as blunt as you may think.


Game created and developed by Appliances Inc:

Matti Kujala – Graphics & programming
Valerii Kucheba – Level Design & Graphics
Ville Helppolainen – Main Programming
Benjamin Puha – Audio

This game uses assets from:

Windows’ outline from “Retro Building Facade” by alexmstudio

“Seamless brick wall” by Dasha D

“Set of classic doors” by Katerina Vitchenko

“Grey concrete wall consisting of cement, stone and sand” by GI Studio

“Electrical weatherproof box set” by Andrew Rybalko

“Some old & dirty air duct/vent cover I made a long time ago..” by para

“Air conditioning system” by Erik Svoboda

“Exterior detail from top view with permeable sidewalk” by Wilm Ihlenfeld

“Texture background Free Photo” by yingyang

“Waste bin” by Lowpoly_Master

“Plastic Trash Bins” by SpaceZeta

“Bench” by IL.ranch

“Free Street Props” by ribrado

“Street Alley Pack” by Export 2 Reality

“FREE Traffic Essentials Asset Pack” by Ferocious Industries

“Collectible doors isolated on white” by Luis Molinero

“Stone Fence” by Ben Droste

“Grass 001” by Lamoot

“Mobile Tree Package” by Laxer

“Road Props – Low Poly” by Laxer

“Cobblestone” by Saroman

“Very Low Poly Human” by Clint Bellanger

Every aspect of the game not mentioned on this list was made by our team.