Promethia’s Flight

In essence, this game is an origin story to the character from the first game Promethia’s Trial, this time around told in a somewhat linear fashion, but with optional paths to take that will affect the final outcome of the story. The overall story is told through a first-person perspective. You, the player take on the role of young apprentice Promethia waking up inside the rank pit of a prison dungeon with his trusted companion and friend Amarant. Together, you explore the events that defined Promethia as a person, and a friend. You explore the backstory of the insecure yet stubborn young wizard as you’re faced with choices that will determine what his friend truly means to him, and how their story turned out in the end. The game is built around four different environments with their own choices and troubles for the player to contemplate and explore. In essence, you will be exploring a visual novel with story paths that will ultimately decide the fate of the two friends – or something much more than that…


Audio (Songs): Tomi Linkinen
Graphics: Henna Tuominen
Game Design & Writing: Taila Granlund
Producer & Editor: Oskari Kuusela
Programmer & Audio (SFX): Nuutti Heinäsmäki