Phil the Panda

Phil the Panda is one level platformer game in which the player needs to help Phil get to the ultimate piece of food in the world – the golden bamboo! But beware, your biggest enemy – THE HUMAN – is out to get you!


Game made by Nevena Sicevic

Audio and visual assets used:

Main menu audio:
Eating Dog 2 by SpaceJoe

Level music:
Blazer Rail 2 from DL sounds, royalty free

Coin sound:
Music Jingles from Kenney, under CC0 1.0 Universal license

Death sound:
Game Over Sound by TheZero

Win sound:
candy3 by Xythe/Ville Nousiainen

Player character, enemy character, collectible bamboo and background game image by @storyline.belgrade
Moving platform design: Jumper Pack by Kenney;
Start and end screen background image: Canva