Lights Out

Lights Out is a 2D Metroidvania Puzzle Adventure Platformer game.
A happy, peaceful village has been captured by a cruel king who hates light. He has cursed the town and taken almost all light. The city is in a complete darkness so nothing can be seen except shadows and blurred shapes.
You play as a rebel kid who managed to save a small light in his pocket, trying to pass the guards and reach the observation tower to light up the whole city.
The whole game scene is in almost complete darkness except a small area near the player and some evidence that has been left by previous unsuccessful rebels.
This game is single player and can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.


Pietari Majuri
Mahdi Nikfallah
Clara Reichert
Hanna Suhonen
Emmy Venho

Assets used in this game:
– 2d contoller from Tarodev
– Character sprites from
– 2d pixel phantasy cave tilesets from