Jest for Murder

Welcome to Jest for Murder – a thrilling detective game featuring an actual killer clown!

As a detective, it’s your job to find out which of the circus’ four clowns killed their fellow clown. To stop the senseless chain of clown-on-clown violence you must employ your detective skills: interrogate the suspects, gather clues from the environment and the suspects’ appearance, and review gathered clues from your notebook to find out what really happened. Thrilling fun is amplified by the guest appearances of the actual killer clown in question, who, unhappy with your investigation, is out there to kill you!


Development Team

Graphics / Audio : Ilmari Lappalainen (Background and item graphics, sound design and editing)
Writing / Graphics : Amanda Suomi (Story and dialogue, character art)
Programming: Saara Pekkala
Design: Sini Mäntylä
Producer: Johannes Määttä

Asset credits

Cursor graphics:
Dialog structure: Dialogic/coppolaemilio (MIT License)
Sound effects and forest background: BBC Sound Effects
Credit song by
Notes sound effec, menu and roaming music: