Game of Widows

One beautiful Sunday afternoon their husbands were playing bridge with Martha’s husband at their apartment. Martha had baked some cinnamon rolls for the men. Unfortunately, since Martha has a very bad eyesight and she just had broken her glasses, she accidentally used drain opener crystals instead of pearl sugar. All the husbands died!

Hades welcomes all the widows who have turned 70 years old. In this terrifying horror and humor based game, all the players in the game are 70 year old ladies. The closer widows get to the age of 100 years the more probably they will be invited to the Underworld.Your mission is to get as much positive experience from the last 30 or less years you have anymore to live. Your hapiness level will be determined by the amount of sad conis you posses by the end of the game. You only have your wits and luck to be the best widow with the best life experiences. Players will experience unexpecting incidents thorugh out their game play. Some are very funny. some are cruel and some are fantasy. At the end of the day everyone dies. Fight to the end and die happier than your opponents!