Game of Ducks

The Game of Ducks@ is competitive, classic, Star of Africa style boardgame for 2-4 people. The goal of the game is to find the legendary ducktifact and bring it back to the starting island before anyone else can do the same. To make quest more difficult, lands surrounding the pond are filled with evil rubber ducks and mean spiritedly placed fake-ducktifacts.

The die decides the fate of the questing ducks but the cards will have their say as well, as their effects can turn the tide quickly. Only the best duck may be victorious! The moral victory, however, goes to the players that find their inner duck.


Lauri Juuti – Card texts, card effects, management

Yongrong Moon – Artwork, management

Petteri Sällström – Playtesting, card effects, final cards (texts), idea

Aleksanteri Aho – Basic layout of the map

Akseli Koskela – Card design, playtesting