Dungeon Medicine

Dungeon Medicine (Anoroc, 2020) is a top-down 2D fantasy game of speed, adventure, combat and tough choices. As the tribe’s Healer, the duty falls heavy on your shoulders upon an hour when your people are ravaged by a lethal sickness. Racing against the clock and fighting wicked monsters, you must clear a level after level of dungeon environment in order to gather the raw ingredients for and concoct a cure that will decide the fate of all you know and hold dear. Are you ready to bear the weight of the plague mask? Will you be the healer the tribe needs, deserves, or shuns…


Miika Johansson – Programmer
Satu Prykäri – Producer, Level Design
Jaakko Reinikainen – Narrative Design
Joel Alanko – Art
Aleksi Tikkakoski – Music and Audio Design