ButtARfly effect

Theme of the ButtARfly effect is a fundamental thing in human life: free will.
Every single decision you make has a consequence. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller,
even if you choose not to decide. Sometimes even just a flap of the butterfly’s wings
can cause the tornado in the other side of the world.

ButtARfly effect is a narrative-driven adventure game and it’s based on crafting
items. Player makes choices by picking up the items in the gameworld.
Each combination of items causes different scenarios.
One right decision can save the world from the disaster and a wrong one can lead into
a nightmare. Game has an apocalyptic atmosphere. Be the hero and save the world!


Development team:
Genis Frigola I Camps
Leland Masek
Salla Hietanen
Jozef Cibik
Mikael Manninen