Blackbeard’s Treasure

Blackbeard’s Treasure is a pirate combat 1P/2P co-op game in which the players engage in a ruthless ship battle to be the last one standing and obtain the Blackbeard’s treasure. Choose your guild and sail away!


Designer: Teemu Kanerva
Audio: Lassi Nieminen and Sipi Ylä-Nojonen
Graphics: Lassi Nieminen and Sipi Ylä-Nojonen
Programming: Pasi Pulkkinen and Sipi Ylä-Nojonen
Writing and Narrative: Nevena Sicevic and Teemu Kanerva
QA: Lassi Nieminen
Producer: Nevena Sicevic

Pirate language words taken from:


YOUR DICTIONARY: Pirate Terms and Phrases.

ROYAL MUSEUMS GREENWICH: Stories from the Sea: Pirates resource.


Voice actors:

Sipi Ylä-Nojonen as Sparky the Parrot

Nori the Cat and Nari the Cat as Cap’n Dreadfur

Chur the Dog as Cap’n Fluffypants

Lassi’s microwave as Cap’n TinHeart and Cap’n O’Beep


No animal, robot or microwave was harmed in the making of this game.