BlackBeard’s Treasure: Tales from Outer Space

BlackBeard’s Treasure: Tales from Outer Space is a prequel to BlackBeard’s Treasure. This point-and-click adventure game brings us back to the planet Micrawa Ramen, right after the 100 lightyear long war. Two heroes, TinHeart and O’Beep, are exiled from their own home and set on an adventure to find their place in the universe by solving puzzles and finding valuable treasures.



Writing and narrative: Teemu Kanerva
Programmers: Pasi Pulkkinen
Producers: Nevena Sicevic
Graphics: Sipi Ylä-Nojonen
Designers: Lassi Nieminen
Audio: Sipi Ylä-Nojonen
QA: The whole team

Dialog plug-in used for every dialog:
Godot Dialog System by DaveTheDev
Licensed under MIT License