Art 2077

Art 2077 is a point and click game where the player takes the role of an auctioneer student.

Their goal is to valuate artwork correctly. There’s an interactable slider with four options: fake, cheap, mediocre and valuable.

There are 20 pieces to valuate during four in-game days. You get grades which affect the ending you get.

There are five endings, some of which require creative actions.


Graphics designer: Viivi Järvinen
Programmer: Jyry Uitto
Narrative designer: Pyry Hakala
Game designer: Andrea Hubertova
Level designer: Pekka Nordlund, Pyry Hakala
Audio designer: Andrea Hubertova, Pyry Hakala
Music: Pyry Hakala
Writer: Pyry Hakala
Producer: Pekka Nordlund