Angelus Novus

Angelus Novus is an homage to Walter Benjamin’s story of the angel of history. It is the first game that I ever made and thus a very simple platformer. It is also an attempt at esoteric agitprop. The player is chased by the angel of history and must continue to make progress to survive, while attempting to accumulate wealth. There are three possible endings, two of them ‘good’ endings – at least in the Benjaminian sense.


Made by Cary Mackay

Assets used:

Homemade assets produced from scanned, reprinted and torn fragments of images from: William Morris Gallery: Calendar 2020. (2019) Flame Tree Publishing, London.
(Images cited are:
Crane, W. (1875), The Sleeping Beauty (wallpaper)
Dearle, J. H. (1860-1932), Bourne (printed cotton)
Morris, William (1874), Larkspur (wallpaper)).
Coins, skulls and cross assets made from tin foil.
Text fragments printed, ripped and scanned.

‘Villagers Sprite Sheets (Girl)’ (
‘Watercolour texture pack: sunrise/sunset’ (

Text from text fragments taken from:

Benjamin, W. (1942) ‘Thesis on the Philosophy of History/On the Concept of History’.
Benjamin, W. (1931) ‘The Destructive Character’ in Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings. Translated by Edmund Jephcott. Hardcourt Brace Javonovich, New York/London. 301-303.

‘Acoustic-buskers-paradise-circus’ (
‘Cloches – Bells – Cathedrale – St. Etienne – Limoges – France’ (
‘Futurist01’ (
‘Gas seller playing rhythm’ (
‘Heavy Rain In Tent Catherdral Ranges’ (
‘mass in croation catheral.wav’ (
‘NYSE Bell’ (
‘Wind blowing in some metal door’ (
‘Wind howling’ (